1 December 2003

  • A "summit" on Information systems is schedued in Geneva mid-December preceded by a professional seminar. Only less than fifty heads of states are expected to attend compared to at least double in usual ones; the draft has not been agreed yet. One main issue is freedom af expression and attempt to control the Internet domain and content. Although the U.N. Secretary General is expected to attend, the Secretariat has failed to display any leadership role.

  • A high level group formed to look into U.N. reform is scheduled to meet sometime in December. Minimum age amongst the distinguished panel is 65, headed by a former prime minister of Thailand. They are supposed to make proposals for the future -- whose future?

  • With the approach of the holiday season, a main agenda for many is to trace the most interesting meetings to attend -- which would be closer to home or where the heart is. HAPPY HOLIDAYS.