15 December 2010

  • Olympiakos in Greece will be the venue for a fund-raising soccer football match against poverty. It is being prepared by UNDP Goodwill Ambassador Ronaldo and ZinÚdine Zidane.

  • Budgetary matters may not be of interest to the general public but are crucial to U.N. work. Deliberations of the Fifth Committee (Budgetary and Financial) of the General Assembly usually continue until the last minute of the session, almost in time for Christmas Bells.

  • A clearer indication of the relation between U.N. Stabilization Mission in Haiti concerning the origins of the cholera epidemic that spread recently in that country will have to be produced. Current reports, especially one by a French epidemiologist that blamed some U.N. troops, have inflamed anger at MINUSTAH. The sooner a clearer report, the safer for everyone.