15 February 2012

  • Following a double veto on Syria, more contacts are expected by the Arab League Secretary General with the Arab governments, particularly now that on Arab summit is scheduled to be held in Baghdad in March. Would the Syrian President attend?

  • While developments in Myammar have been kept on the backburner, more attention is expected on so-called reform developments to ascertain the extent of the U.N.'s role. If the docile V.J. Nambiar is appointed Special Rep, don't expect much.

  • Despite a U.N. announcement that there was no more famine in Somalia, facts on the ground will prove that statement outdated. If the posturing is to lend support to the return of the U.N. Rep to Mogadishu, don't hold your breath on any progress unless a whole U.N. team moves in with a full-fledged plan.