1 November 2003

  • "Nehru: The Invention of India" will be the subject of a breakfast discussion at Merrill House of the Carnegie Council. The book's author, Shashi Tharoor is currently U.N. Under Secretary General for Communications. Five years ago, while Communications Director in the office of the Secretary General, Mr. Tharoor produced another book about "India: From Midnight to the Millennium."

  • Another preparatory committee is expected in November to deal with still unsettled issues in the draft for the international Summit for Information -- which may not turn out as a summit after all, if some of the key decision makers, particularly in the International Telecommunications Union, do not change their position blocking a reference to freedom of the press. The position of the UN Secretariat is wavering.

  • The post of Assistant Secretary General for General Assembly Affairs, vacant since September, is expected to be filled before the Assembly session is over in December. Reportedly, they would like to appoint a woman to that post.