15 September 2006

  • "In Praise of the Olive" is an exhibit sponsored by the mission of Greece to the U.N. It will be opened on 19 September at the General Assembly Lobby by Theodora Bakoyannis, Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs and Secretary General Kofi Annan. A large crowd is expected, not only due to the mobilizing talents of Ambassador Adamantios Vassilakis and the prestige of Greece, but it is also the opening day of the General Debate. In such events, timing is everything -- plus a terrific location. Yassou, Adamantios.

  • Heads of states and governments will be arriving starting 16 September to speak at the U.N. Expect lots of security and traffic restrictions. Don't drink and drive. Actually, don't drive.

  • Young media interns from developing countries will arrive for on-the-job training with the U.N. Correspondents Association (UNCA) during the Assembly session.