A Millennium Bonus-273 Treaties Signed

As Heads of State arrived to participate in the millennium summit from the 6th through 8th of September, a special area was discreetly, yet visibly arranged for them to sign or ratify international treaties. Standing just behind the curtain, ready to receive visitors and show them to the right book was Hans Corell, the Swedish United Nations legal counsel and his team of experts. So was Leona Forman, senior officer of the department of Public Information, who was present at the creation of this idea.

In view of the success of this event attracted Mr.Corell, who proposed that Heads of State and Government be informed well in advance of future general debates in the General Assembly. In parallel (although in the more modest setting of the Treaty Signature Room on the 32nd floor), there will be an opportunity to sign and ratify treaties with the appropriate media coverage. "I think that this will have a very positive impact on States' awareness of existing treaties and their status vis--vis the same." Mr. Corell added.