WHO Has Those Billions-But Who's Counting?


In the rush to pledge funds for the reconstruction of Afghanistan, proponents of other causes moved to demand or obtain commitments. In the last few weeks, the following requirements were officially mentioned: $50 billion for development aid as an unofficial target for the forthcoming conference in Monterrey, Mexico; $4.5 billion for three years in Afghanistan with $10 billion; $10 billion for a campaign against HIV/AIDS; $25 billion for African assistance; Ms. Bruntland (WHO) budgeted $25 billion for health issues, a six-year water-purification program at a cost of $28 billion and a $10 billion Egypt program, totaling more than $140 billion within the next three to five years. Who has such money to spare?

Where can one find it in this era of donor fatigue and financial turmoil?

But who's counting?