• First Seat for Lebanon

    Preparations for the General Assembly's next session have started. The Secretary-General drew the name of the country that would take the first seat to be followed alphabetically by others, this year it will be Lebanon. The session is scheduled to open somewhat early this year on 10 September.

  • ECOSOC in New York

    There was a time when July was the delegate's month in Geneva where the Economic & Social Council held its prolonged session. No more. Financial and other considerations have led to a rotation whereby distinguished delegates will have to put up with hot and humid New York weather. However as New Yorkers are always proud to say "July is the best time in the City when everyone leaves".

  • Cyprus Talks Delayed

    The Special Representative in Cyprus reported to headquarters on prospects of an agreement between the Turkish and Cypriot committees on the island. Much was made out of working dinners attended by conflicting factions but nothing has come of it yet. A meeting in July is expected to iron out pending issues. Many observers are not holding their breath as the same issues have been pending for the last quarter of a century. Still, one would wish our friends success.