Raiding DPI Posts: Expect more vocal discussions about posts at the Department of Public Information to be taken to accommodate the department of Peacekeeping. It is not clear whether the posts will go with their incumbent or eventually be separated. The matter is still within the confines of the Secretariat and had not reached inter-governmental bodies yet.

SG attends Islamic Summit: The Secretary General will try to follow up on the contests generated during the millennium summit when he attends the meeting of the heads of state of the Islamic conference in Doha, Qatar, 10 November. He had attended the previous summit over three years ago in Teheran. At the time, he took with him TV personality Charlie Rose. Whom could he take this time? Ali Baba, of course, is ready, willing and very capable. Be careful. He may ask to swap ceremonial watches. He may even offer to draft the speech. Be very careful.

Where have all those chiefs gone? No word yet from the Secretariat of the conference held earlier this year of "Kings, Queens, heads of states and tribal chiefs," in Uganda. No one is claiming responsibility for it. Do not expect a report soon.