• Kofi Annan is scheduled to address the American Foreign Policy Association in New York on 20 March on issues relating to peacekeeping. Questions relating to intervention on humanitarian grounds, the capacity and readiness of available troops and their given mandate may be raised in light of the reactions to the report attributed to Mr. Brahimi. Incidentally, Mr. Annan has said that he would indicate in March whether he intended to seek a second term.

  • An advisory panel on private financing for development has recommended holding an international conference on the subject. Mexico and Nairobi were proposed as venues.

  • The League of Arab States will be holding a summit at the end of March. United Nations sanctions on Iraq and Iraqi levels of participation in that meeting, plus the current stalemate in Middle East peace will be on the agenda. Also, the current Egyptian Foreign Minister will be expected to be nominated as Secretary General of the League and to take over by May.