15 JUNE 2015


Imagine world capitals in U.N. Blue at the same moment at U.N. Day 2015, its 70th anniversary. That impressive sight is among the targets to be accomplished by a newly-appointed U.N. Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information, Cristina Gallach. She is also leading that Department's talented staff in preparing specific events to highlight that occasion, prompting member states of varied geographic size or political weight to be an integral part.

A special event in San Francisco will signal a revival of the signature of the U.N. Charter at the City by the Bay.

In addition to the usual concert on 24 October, other occasions like the Opening of the General Debate in September and Human Rights Day in December, will involve senior officials of member states to demonstrate renewed commitment to U.N. work. A blue notebook is already being circulated to jot down reminders of each event.

At such tragic times, when the U.N.'s role and reputation is at stake, and with so much demand on its humanitarian and peacekeeping missions, initiatives to highlight U.N. prospects will be most welcome, particularly when it causes member states to face their own responsibility instead of merely standing by waiting for Godot.