15 JUNE 2015


Dear Friends and former Colleagues,

Following the Town Hall Meeting chaired by the Chef de Cabinet to the Secretary-General and also webcast by the UN, on 16 April 2015, a Petition, addressed to the SG was widely circulated in May, via social media, AVAAZ, by concerned Retirees. So far the Petition has garnered some 3000 signatures of support. At the AFICS/NY Annual General Meeting on 4 June, members expressed continuing concern over the future financial and structural integrity, and governance of the Fund.

Accordingly, our letter of 5 June 2015, which has been sent to the AFICS Governing Board, asks them to convene a special meeting to focus on and discuss pressing issues relating to the governance and management issues now facing the UN Pension Fund. At the recent AFICS Annual General Meeting, a motion was tabled and seconded, asking for such a special meeting. The Presiding Officer was heard to agree with the proposal, but did not call for follow up action, in the way of a vote or by stating that an appropriate date would be announced. Our letter of 5 June 2015, see below, follows on this motion.

The AFICS By Laws provide for calling a special meeting at the request of 50 members; we are therefore seeking the approval of as many AFICS members as possible, to this end.

Would you kindly e-mail us if you are willing to lend your support to this initiative and consent to have your name included in the request for a special meeting on Pension Fund matters. Please copy your e-mail to Loraine Rickard-Martin at lrickard.martin@gmail.com, who is coordinating and tallying the responses.

We do recognize that many of you, as AFICS members, are no longer living in the New York area, or indeed, have retired to other States in the US or other countries. Even those in proximity to New York City, may not be able to join the meeting on account of prior commitments or pressing personal reasons. However, your readiness to sign up to the letter would help establish the broadest consensus of concern on this issue.

Naturally, we encourage those who can attend the meeting to ensure that the 50-member quorum requirement is met. While the letter requests the AFICS Board to organize the meeting by or around 25 June 2015, you will be notified of the specific date, as soon as the AFICS Board so advises.

We do hope that you will join us in this important effort, either by signing the letter or, hopefully, attending the meeting as well.

Thank you, and with our best regards,

Lina Hamadeh-Banerjee and Somendu Banerjee


5 June 2015

To: Ms. Linda Saputelli, AFICS/NY President
Copy: Members of the Governing Board of AFICS

Madam President,

We refer to last week's annual general meeting of AFICS in which retirees expressed an active interest in the governance and management changes now being proposed for the UN Pension Fund.

At the meeting, Sugiyama Iutaka tabled a motion, seconded by Loraine Rickard-Martin, requesting the AFICS Governing Board to convene a meeting to discuss the issues confronting the Pension Fund. He asked that the meeting take place in June, prior to this year's annual meeting of the UN Pension Board. The motion was placed without any objection from you as Presiding Officer nor other person at the meeting. Therefore, according to the by-laws of AFICS, the motion passed and stands as requested.

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss with Assistant-Secretary-General for Human Resources issues relating to the proposed changes at the Fund. We would therefore be grateful if you would arrange for the participation of Ms. Carole Wamuwu Wainaina. As will recall, she informed the AGM that she is aware that retirees have deep concerns about governance issues facing the Pension Fund. Could we also request that this meeting take the form of a roundtable so as to facilitate the flow of conversation and allow a full discussion of these important issues.

We ask that the meeting be held on 25 June or on another date in June that will permit ASG Wainaina's participation and give sufficient notice to all AFICS members. This will go some way to helping retirees participate in this important discussion.

Please let us know on or before 10 June 2015 that AFICS will organize this meeting and send notice to the full membership. We look forward to hearing from you earliest.


1. Mary Eliza Kimball
2. Sugiyama Iutaka
3. Julie Thompson
4. Somendu Banerjee
5. Curling Smith
6. Lars Hyttinen
7. Lina Hamadeh
8. Anna Theofilopoulou
9. Lowell Flanders
10. Ajit Banerjee
11. Joan Seymour
12. Judith Brister
13. Merce Lagrande
14. Angelica Malic
15. Sakiko Fukuda-Parr
16. Sally Timpson
17. Dan Tuohy
18. Loraine Rickard-Martin
19. Julio D'Arcy
20. Deolinda Leitao-Greene
21. Nezla Chawky
22. Renee Richter
23. Diane Barkley
24. Cheryl Larsen
25. Ozdinich Mustafa
26. Graciela Hall
27. Joann Vanek
28. Mampela Mpela
29. Ying-ying Tang
30. Roberta Brangam
31. Esther Gomez-Baumgarten
32. Anne Fosty
33. Maria D. Maldonado
34. Roger Guarda
35. Donald Heisel
36. Rosemary Noona
37. Donald Rogers
38. Lucine Tegnazian
39. Edna Osbourne
40. Shahid Husain
41. Kristen Timothy Lankester
42. Aiden Ricardo Kinch
43. Josephine Hyttinen
44. Barbara Berlinghof
45. Carl Jordan
46. Puran C. Sharma
47. Michele Poliacof
48. Geoffrey Baldwin
49. Lilia McGonigle
50. Lilia Vazquez