SEPTEMBER 15, 2018


Interns applying for U.N. assignments may not be tempted to accept an unpaid job. It would end up having only those not finding paid options elsewhere to hang around for an available acceptance.

While some U.N. agencies, perhaps UNICEF, do pay, it is obvious that an incentive always works better.

For decades, resolutions have been made about involving youth in U.N. work. An obvious handicap is a lack of inspiring vacancies, which would suggest that getting involved in the U.N. would not be as interesting as having a career elsewhere.

Clearly the international civil service is passing through difficult times. Indeed, there may be a determination to erode the international civil service by cutting down on the length of contracts, available posts for those from varied backgrounds, and a lack of inspiration to get involved in pressing international issues.

It is obviously time to consider offering practical compensation for qualified young candidates who could indeed enrich the U.N. and refresh it with their invigorating zeal and enlightened interest.

Time for such action is now.