JULY 15, 2019


The appointment of Nicolas de Rivière, seen above in his first appearance since being appointed new Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations in New York, may reflect an initially active role in handling specific areas of conflict. That may include mediation in the tense relations between the United States and Iran.

Ambassador Rivière knows the region very well. He was instrumental while member of the mission in New York to help draft Security Council Resolution 1701, an anchor reference for many political arrangements in the area.

He was director of Political affairs at the Quai d'Orsay and visited Iran among other political capitals.

It is known that President Macron is making a special effort to salvage the nuclear deal and has sent his special Diplomatic Advisor Emmanuel Bonne, former Ambassador of Lebanon.

French diplomacy has an obvious traditional role. As a member of the UN Security Council it has always played a major role in central decisions. Traditionally, Permanent Representatives sent to New York have been impressively competent. No names in particular will be mentioned. Outgoing ambassador François Delattre was visible not only on political gatherings but also in media and economic social events.

Ambassador Rivière has his work cut out for him. So many challenges, so little time. Other permanent members of the council obviously have an impact on any of their colleagues. The presence of one more experienced member will help not only on solving issues but also enhancing the role of the council and perhaps give more leeway to the Secretary General and his representatives in settling conflicts.