15 December 2004

People used to get famous the old fashioned way. They earned their reputation. Those known for scandalous deeds were known as infamous. Then a limited number of people became famous for being famous. It was either fortune or fame as Bob Dylan used to say: "You can pick one or the other though neither need be what they claim." These days, actually the last few years, there is a new breed of characters who grew famous for doing absolutely nothing. They just have to be there. That is, where the cameras are -- or are brought to be. They need not smile or look important. Any look would do, provided it is about nothing. It is a new version of the Beatles "Nowhere Man," making all these nowhere plans for nobody. Packaging is the key word. Substance is a no-no. Never be caught pensive, or -- worse -- thinking. Never appear concerned or preoccupied except for a politically correct minute about a politically correct topic du jour. Have others worry for you, or about you. That's why they aren't famous and you are. Keep moving, as long as you don't step into Hozinga. For then, someone else may become more famous for doing even less.