United Nations Headlines. Deliver Us From Evil.



15 April 2006

Commemorating Rwanda twelve years later, we should recall all those around the world who were victims of murder and torture because of their faith, colour or ethnic background. Hatred like love comes in all colours.

There is a season for everything -- for peace or war, for conflict or harmony, for an extended hand or a clenched fist. The United Nations is a venue of peace -- an instrument of human dignity. During the Rwanda test, we discovered that there is evil, like good, everywhere -- in societies, countries and also in organizations.

Good came through those who desperately tried to prevent a massacre; evil was reflected through those who have no value to other humans. Good was expressed by those who immediately branded it genocide; evil was projected by those looking for any excuse to label it other forgivable terms. Good shone through Senegalese Captain Mbaye, who gave his life to save women and children; evil was shown by those who informed on him. Good is in every work of those who uphold U.N. human principles; evil lurks within those who betray them.

Good is in those who care for others; Evil is in those who exploit them. Oh God, deliver us from evil.