15 November 2007

"What would you rather have in your backyard: an olive tree or an oil well?" A tough question these $100/barrel days, unless you have the inner strength of our friend Bono, sustained by already having enough money in the bank.

Whatever the temptation, we have to follow the leader. Our dedicated Secretary General has made a special effort to fly over the Grey Glacier at the bottom of our planet earth "to see firsthand the effects of climate change." Flying by helicopter, he notified reporters that he felt "both sad and alarmed" as he watched deep cracks on the glacier which was quickly melting (glaciers normally tend to melt in the summer, but let's not digress). Standing beside Chile's President Michelle Bachelet, he said that after his trip, which was an eye-opener on every level, he now believed more than ever before that a calamity awaits us if we did not act. In another issued statement he informed us that "Antarctica is on the verge of a catastrophe for the world, with the glaciers on King George Island having shrunk by 10 percent." He had seen the beauty of Antarctica and the danger that global warming represents. He confirmed his determination that something should be done about it -- and that he shall take action to ensure action is taken.

We hope that means that after breathing the energizing Antarctica air, our fearless leader will confront carbon dishing powers in the United States, China, India, Europe, Asia and beyond.

Or shall we just go hug a penguin?