15 MARCH 2010


On 12 January 2010 at 4:53 PM, an earthquake of a magnitude of 7.0 on the Richter scale shook the earth under Haiti, leaving death, destruction and suffering in its wake.

Special Commemorative Ceremony

On Tuesday, 9 March, at 10 A.M., a commemorative ceremony was held at UN Headquarters honouring the 101 members of the UN Family who lost their lives in Haiti.

The following is a list of names of those confirmed to have died in the 12 January 2010 earthquake in Haiti:

Ms. Margareth Alexandre
World Bank (Haiti)

Corporal Raed Faraq Alkhawaldeh

Major Ata Issa Almanasir

Mr. Lionel Amar
UN Police (France)

Private Antonio José Anacleto

Mr. Hédi Annabi
Special Representative to Haiti (Tunisia)

Ms. Pierrena Annilus
Administrative Assistant (Haiti)

Mr. Mesonne Antoine
Security Guard (Haiti)

Sergeant Janice Dorado Arocena

Mr. Mamadou Bah
Public Information Officer (France)

Ms. Nicole Lola Bahaya
United Nations Volunteer (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Ms. Ann Barnes
Personal Assistant to the Police Commissioner (United Kingdom)

Mr. Jerry Bazile
Interpreter (Haiti)

Mr. Mario Bazile
Public Information Assistant (Haiti)

Mr. Parnel Beauvoir
Public Information Officer (Haiti)

Mr. Boucif Belhachemi
World Bank (Algeria and Canada)

Sergeant Eustacio C. Bermudez Jr.

Ms. Farah Boereau
Interpreter (Haiti)

Mr. Kai Buchholz
Special Assistant to the PDSRSG (Germany)

Mr. Cheick Boundou Camara
UN Police (Guinea)

Ms. Chrystel Cancel
World Bank (France)

Ms. Renée Carrier
Personal Assistant to the Special Representative (Canada)

Ms. Maria Antonieta Castillo Santa Maria
Administrative Assistant (Mexico)

Ms. Ericka Chambers Norman
Board of Inquiry Officer (USA)

Mr. Doug Coates
Acting Police Commissioner (Canada

Mr. James Coates
Administrative Assistant (Canada)

Mr. Mamadi Conde
United Nations Volunteer (Guinea)

Ms. Cecilia Corneo
Programme Officer (Italy)

Ms. Rosa Crespo-Biel
UN Police (Spain)

Mr. Luiz Carlos da Costa
Deputy Special Representative to Haiti (Brazil)

Private Rodrigo Augusto da Silva

Private Kleber da Silva Santos

Warrant Officer Raniel Batista de Camargos

Staff Sergeant Leonardo de Castro Carvalho

Mr. Junior Delinois
Language Teacher (Haiti)

Sergeant Rodrigo de Souza Lima

Corporal Washington Luiz de Souza Seraphim

Private Tiago Anaya Detimermani

Mr. Philippe Dewez
Special Adviser (Belgium)

Mr. Varnel Dimanche
Language Assistant (Haiti)

Colonel Emilio Carlo Torres dos Santos

Ms. Alexandra Duguay
Public Information Assistant (Canada)

Ms. Dede Yebovi Fadairo
Associate Report Writing Officer (Nigeria)

Corporal Ari Dirceu Fernandes Junior

Mr. Mark Gallagher
UN Police (Canada)

Mr. Guido Galli
Senior Political Affairs Officer (Italy)

Ms. Gerthy Germain
Cleaner (Haiti)

Mr. Gustavo Ariel Gomez
UN Police (Argentina)

Private Felipe Goncalves Julio

Mr. Andrew Grene
Special Assistant to the Special Representative (USA)

Major Marcio Guimarães Martins

Mr. Jan Olaf Hausotter
Political Affairs Officer (Germany)

Mr. Zhao Huayu
UN Police (China)

Mr. Karimou Ide
Security Officer (Niger)

Mr. Salifou Imorou
UN Police (Benin)

Major Ashraf Ali Mohammad Jayousi

Mr. Stevenson Jean-Louis
Driver (Haiti)

Mr. Zhong Jianqin
UN Police (China)

Ms. Marie Renée Joseph
Security Guard (Haiti)

Ms. Batipa Agnes Koura
UN Police (Benin)

Mr. Frantoumani Kourouma
UN Police (Guinea)

Mr. Jean-Philippe Laberge
Civil/Military Coordination Officer (Canada)

Ms. Rachelle Laime
Security Guard (Haiti)

Ms. Yves Mery Bertline Laroque
World Food Programme (Haiti)

Mr. Laurent Le Briero
UN Police (France);

Mr. Gerard Le Chevallier
Chief, Political Affairs and Planning Section (El Salvador)

Mr. Bhojraj Luchmun
United Nations Development Programme (Mauritius)

Mr. Watanga Lwango
Audit Assistant (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Lieutenant Colonel Marcus Vinicius Macedo Cysneiros

Mr. Issa Mairigia
UN Police (Niger)

Lieutenant Colonel Gonzalo Daniel Martirene Ruibal

Ms. Lisa Mbele-Mbong
Human Rights Officer (USA)

Mr. Riquet Michel
Radio Producer (Haiti)

Mr. Hebert Moise
Driver (Haiti)

Mr. Cleiton Neiva
Associate Security Officer (Brazil)

Ms. Josseline Nguekeu
Administrative Assistant (Cameroon)

Ms. Nivah Odwori
United Nations Volunteer/Electoral District Coordinator (Kenya)

Mr. Affis Okoro
UN Police (Benin)

Mr. Tadia Roger Onadja
UN Police (Burkina Faso)

Sergeant Pearlie T. Panangui

Corporal Douglas Pedrotti Neckel

Mr. Frednel Pierre
Mason (Haiti)

Mr. Ronald Pierre
Driver for Political Affairs (Haiti)

Mr. Marc Plum
Chief, Electoral Assistance Section (France)

Mr. Li Qin
UN Police (China)

Staff Sergeant Davi Ramos de Lima

First Lieutenant Bruno Ribeiro Mário

Ms. Mirna Patricia Rodas Arreola
Administrative Assistant (Guatemala)

Mr. Philippe Charles Claude Rouzier
Civil Affairs Officer (Haiti)

Mr. Stanley Sainte Rose
Driver for Political Affairs Section (Haiti)

Mr. Guillaume Siemienski
Political Affairs Officer (Canada)

Mr. Satnam Singh
IT Technician/International Contractor (Trigyn Technologies Inc.) (India)

Mr. Adamou Biga Souley
UN Police (Niger)

Major General João Eliseu Souza Zanin

Ms. Simone Rita Trudo
Personal Assistant to PDSRSG (France)

Ms. Nicole Valenta
Best Practices Officer (Germany)

Ms. Andrea Loi Valenzuela
Human Rights Officer (Chile)

Major Francisco Adolfo Vianna Martins Filho

Mr. Frederick Wooldridge
Political Affairs Officer (United Kingdom)

Mr. Jerome Yap
Personal Assistant to the Principal Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General (Philippines)

Ms. He Zhihong
UN Police (China)

Remarks by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at event at UN Headquarters, 9 March 2010

Let us begin by thanking the families and friends who have traveled far to be with us. To those who could not be here, please know that our hearts are with you.

We are joined by duty stations around the world -- the men and women of our proud United Nations.

Among them are the members of our United Nations Mission in Haiti, who have carried on despite their pain and hardship.

I thank Edmond Mulet and his courageous staff who are working tirelessly -- day in, day out -- in MINUSTAH [the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti]. I highly commend [you] and I am deeply grateful to all of you.

Today, we commemorate the single greatest loss the United Nations has suffered in its history.

We remember 101 lives of consequence. We honour 101 unique paths that joined in Haiti to write the larger story of the United Nations. These women and men were our own. They were family.

They came to Haiti from all corners of the world, from all walks of life. Yet, they shared a common conviction -- a belief in a better future for the people of Haiti, and a common resolve to help them build it.

Now those 101 paths come together one final time, here in this chamber, through us -- families and friends, colleagues and loved ones.

The world knew them as trusted diplomats, dedicated humanitarians and conscientious professionals. They were doctors and drivers, police officers and policy advisers, soldiers and lawyers -- each contributing to the mission, each in his or her own way.

To us they were even more. We knew them, very personally. We knew their smiles, their songs, their dreams. Now we cannot forget the last e-mail, the last conversation, the last meal together, the last au revoir.

Their words echo: "Don't worry about me. This is where I need to be."

At the United Nations, we don't simply share office space; we share a passion for a better world.

So it is no surprise that many of these 101 paths criss-crossed the globe through the years.

In Cambodia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Eritrea and Timor-Leste. Kosovo and Sierra Leone.

Whether they came to Haiti, or came from Haiti, they knew that hope shines in even the darkest corners.

And so they chased the flame. Wherever they went, they carried the light of hope.

And as they fulfilled their mission in Haiti, they illuminated a profound truth:

Earthquakes are a force of nature, but people move the world.

Today, our hearts are heavy with a burden almost too difficult to bear. Yet perhaps like you, it is gratitude that I feel most of all. Gratitude to the international community for the spontaneous, whole-hearted and unstinting support in the face of this tragedy.

Gratitude to the rescue teams, aid workers, Governments and NGOs [non-governmental organizations] that rallied to our side, determined to help Haiti to recover and, in time, to "build back better".

Gratitude to the people of Haiti, for their strength, resilience and faith -- the faith of human spirit, the spirit that burns in all of us today.

I commend and appreciate the leadership of President [René] Preval and his Government and his people

Gratitude fills this chamber -- profound thanks that our world and our lives were touched by the grace and nobility of these 101 United Nations heroes.

In life, we are measured by the company we keep.

To those here today, let us know that this is our measure. This is the company we keep.

To those we have lost, let us say: we will never forget you. We will carry on your work.

In a moment we will read out their names -- the roll call of highest honour.

Look at their pictures. Look into their eyes. Remember their smiles and their dreams.

Together we stand, in honor of the victims, and in deepest sympathy for the bereaved.

May I now ask you to rise and join me in a minute of silence. Thank you.