15 JULY 2010


Close your eyes.
It's alright to close your eyes.
And think of me.
"And soon I will be there."

It's the same woman. The same voice. Forty years later. Forty years in New York when you first saw that face and heard that voice.
She's still the same. Getting through you, softly, with her song. Then you part. She's by then in L.A. and you're saving the world.

"You're so far away. Doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore? Doesn't help to know; you're so far away."

It was years ago. You were so much older then; you're younger than that now. It was New York at its most loving years. Its most vocal music. It had its unique State of Mind. You were a newly arrived stranger and she was finding her way. It was somewhere between Downtown Uptown Eastside Westside. Sometimes it was in Jamaica, Queens, where, having no clue to the subway, you would spend your salary on cabs to work. Soon you had to decide whether you would be a Carole groupie or an assistant at the U.N. Secretary General's Office.

"It's too late, baby; now it's too late, though we really did try to make it." Her voice was now rocking Madison Square Garden. Thousands of nostalgics are singing along. Some with tears swelling, some just sighing. Time passes by. People change. From the Seventies to Seventy. She still looks terrific. That persuasive smile, those sparkling eyes are on centre stage. You are now one of a crowd. "Will you still love me tomorrow?" It takes one song to realize that throughout all these years, you've still got a friend. An inspiring, warm and joyous friend!