Anything for a photo op. Anywhere for a press release. Michael Williams is following in the footsteps of Meeter/Greeter Demistura in just churning out statements, only used by some local paper. The Special Representative of the U.N. Secretary General in Lebanon seems to have no other business more than expressing concern or satisfaction or both at the same time while meeting any official ready for a talk. A recent meeting with a cabinet member, Salim Sayegh, whose work has no real connection with UNIFIL or Foreign Affairs or Defense, resulted in a prolonged statement (unpublished by any media outlet) that they discussed "developments after Odeisseh incident in the South (on the border) to Burj Abu Haidar in Beirut" - and "its repercussions on developments (again!) in Lebanon and the region" (and you thought he was dealing only with Lebanon), "particularly those related to the renewal of UNIFIL mandate and the International Tribunal," in addition of course to "the projects of the Ministry." Even that presumptuous statement did not seem to satisfy the former Press officer in Bosnia (Srebrenica?). Williams volunteered his own appendix stressing they also discussed "implementation of international resolutions and the role of the official institutions entrusted with keeping security and stability in Lebanon" (whom did he mean? the police? the army? both? why with that particular minister?).

Williams also "expressed" his "concern" about "the violent events witnessed by Beirut" (really!) and "welcomed efforts by the army (thanks, Mike!), and "leaders from various factions to restore order." He did not forget to announce that the U.N. "encouraged appeals by the Prime Minister Saad Hariri to evade what may lead to any events like those which took place in Beirut and that may be reflected in more tension"!

Additionally, a U.N. press communique, with variations on the themes, was issued in New York under the title, "U.N. backs call for dialogue in the wake of Lebanese clashes."

All this about a normal meeting with a minister of Social Affairs.

Michael Williams must be desperate while soldiering on. Carry On, Williams!