Why not get together for a forum on the U.N.?

Those of you who dedicated your careers and often risked your lives for the U.N. are entitled -- indeed required -- to take time to review where our beloved Organization stands, what it needs, and what each of us could do to propose practical advice.

Many of us have been in touch bilaterally or on social occasions; it may be time for a collective look.

Any suggestions?

We'll initiate a move by proposing:

  1. A review of the role of international civil service, and change in recruitment, contractual and mobility policies
  2. Credibility of the U.N.: To what extent does the U.N. now reflect the collective and inclusive position of International Legitimacy?
  3. Peacekeeping and Peacemaking: How is the overall performance of peacekeeping missions; any role for peacemaking or preventive diplomacy?
  4. Special Envoy and Representatives: Never have so few accomplished so little, or so much, depending on whom you hear
  5. Extra Budgetary Contributions: Any areas of conflict of interest? Examples: the "U.N." (Ted Turner) Fund; targeted contributions by governments
  6. Development or Emergency Assistance: Are they competitive or complementary agencies?
  7. Adequate Geographical balance in current staffing
  8. Partnerships: With NGO, media, civic society
  9. Impact and Role of the Internet

That is really a tentative list to, hopefully, start a move to a positive reliable gathering.

A meeting -- or meetings -- could be held in New York, which would be most practical, between mid-May and mid-June.

Most important, do you think it is about time to meet?