1 JULY 2013


All of those who worked with our distinguished former Secretary General Javier Perez de Cuellar knew how much he loved his wife, Marcela. Throughout their 37 years together, they looked so happy, relaxed, elegant and gracious. He listened to her attentively and she cared for him with unique affection. In her way, she brought him special good luck -- immediately after they met and married, he was nominated Special Envoy on Afghanistan, then Secretary General for two terms and Prime Minister of his Country, Peru.

A writer, intellectual and devoted family activist, Dona Marcela was prominent in efforts to preserve historic monuments around the globe; she consistently drew attention to the cultural value of sites in Africa like Timbuktu and in Asia like Myanmar and Cambodia, as well as in her own country's historic sites. When she travelled with him on duty, she was the exemplary First U.N. Lady, radiating beauty and charm, allowing her husband adequate time to focus on official business, while joining the team for dinner showing genuine interest in everyone's role.

Dona Marcela passed away in Brussels a few days ago while visiting with some members of her family.

Our most sincere condolences to our beloved and bereaved Secretary General Don Javier. We are confident that despite his profound grief, he will draw on his deep faith, on the love of his adoring family, and the affection of thousands around the world who recognize the difference he has made to our world and their lives and in particular those of us he had kindly and effectively led when he was at the helm.

We know, Don Javier, how much you loved Dona Marcela. You also know how much we all loved, respected and appreciated your blessed role in our lives. . May God grant you more strength, health and wisdom. May her soul rest in Peace.