SEPTEMBER 12, 2022


The iconic liberation leader was remembered by the United Nations General Assembly on his annual day, July 18th. Appropriate statements were made, photographs were taken for media attention.

Frankly, that was not enough. One of the greatest leaders of the 21st century, who endured two decades in solitary confinement to defend human dignity, should have received more official attention by heads of state and governments. Not only by a limited number of non governmental organizations with limited outreach.

Certain partnerships between the United Nations and Madiba started during the Apartheid regime.

While most influential powers considered him a "terrorist" at the time, certain United Nations staff contacted him regularly to explore how best his cause could be supported.

A special impact was made in the media of the United Kingdom, France, USA, the Netherlands and others, demanding the release of Mandela. He graciously appreciated their efforts when elected as President of the Democratic free South Africa.

Madiba remains in our hearts and minds forever.