15 MAY 2008

Turning to www.aljazeera.net website for an update we were startled -- though amused -- by the utter nonsense in its translated English language items. Following are some brief gibberish samples of main page of "Sunday 27/4/1429e -- approved 4/5/2008m (last updated) 6:55pm (Mecca), 3:55 (GMT)":

  1. "Participants in the conference Palestinians in the Danish capital on the right of return and called for Congress gave the Palestinians prime."!
  2. "Journalists Maghreb demanding more freely in the World Day"! In case it was unclear, the text informs that "Overshadowed the celebrations of the Maghreb countries of World Day of the Press claim the largest margin of liberty and to stop harassing journalists and release prisoners because of the expressions of opinion"!
  3. "Israeli media sources reporte4d that the issue of corruption which questioned Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Friday Judicial sources. As part of the police new and serious also pointed out that the suspicious prove this case has forced him to resign"!
  4. "Barack Obama defeated the candidate of the Democratic Party of the American Presidential elections on his competitor, Hillary Clinton is a difference of seven votes in the election run-up to win the nomination of the party -- island of Guam in the Pacific."
  5. "Sudanese calling on Washington to prosecute Sami al-Hajj and his colleagues"! It explains further: "In time of festive atmosphere in Sudan following the release of Sami Al-Hajj from Guantanamo detainee announced journalists...to launch a campaign for the release of remaining Sudanese detainees."
  6. "Haddad Southern Sudan on the plane victims." (Haddad is Arabic for mourning.) It goes on: "Slgakir (?!) announced Myardit leader SPLM and the Sudanese Vice President three days of mourning after the death of the south and defense minister..."
  7. "Zimbabwe opposition unresolved position of the run-off." It quotes a Mr. Kobe that "in the run-off but presidential elections in the country unnecessary left the door open about the possibility of participating in asserting that the movement leader Morgan win. Tsvangirai uncertain where"!
  8. "Brothers Jordan choose their leadership and reject the classified"!
  9. "DEAL Egyptian gas to Israel a Palestinian raise question"!
  10. "Israel and the Secretary of the left -- OPERATG to invite Olmert to quit"!
  11. "Back judges put Pakistan Zardari and sharif at a crossroads"!
  12. "Donation Letter in Geneva celebrates the tenth anniversary of the start"!

Such information headlines are followed by a "subject of voting:" "What is your position of the Palestinian factions on? The pacification with Israel." Respondents are then broken into two categories: "Supporter" and "Exhibitions"!!

That reminded us of the fellow who spoke English with whistles in between high-end low voice pitches because he had learned the language over the shortwave frequency of the BBC.