The Saudi King Abdullah inadvertently revealed his daily prayer as he allowed photographs of a meeting he had with his half-brother Prince Salman in his Moroccan summer residence. Under the traditional "In the name of God, the Merciful, the Magnificent," it read as follows:

"God, don't make me a tyrant that scares the weak, nor a weakling scared of tyrants. Help me tell the truth in the face of the strong. Help me not to lie just to gain the applause.

If you gave me success, do not take away my modesty. If you gave me money, do not take away my happiness. If you gave me strength, do not take away my reasoning. If you gave me modesty, do not take away my dignity.

Help me to see the other side of the picture. Do not allow me to describe my opponents as traitors just because they disagreed with me. Teach me to love others as I would love myself. Train me to account for myself as I hold others accountable.

Do not tempt me to gloat when I succeed, not give up when I fail. Remind me always that failure is an experience that precedes success. Remind me constantly that graciousness is the highest form of strength and seeking revenge is the first signal of weakness.

If You deprived me of money, please leave me hope. If you deprived me of success, leave me the will to overcome. If You deprived me of health, leave me the blessing of faith.

If I misjudged people, grant me the courage to apologize. If others misjudged me, grant me the courage to forgive.

If I forgot You - God - Do not forget me.