1 JULY 2013


Author, intellectual, professor, national security advisor, now a diplomat, Samantha Power deserves an enlightened welcome in her new role as United States Permanent Representative to the U.N. Many diplomats from other countries are speculating about her potential role. Considering she is replacing Ambassador Rice, with whom she will continue to work, and her background of pursuing issues of humanitarian concern, Ms. Power is likely to make her own impact.

She needs no introduction to the U.N. Her first book about the massacres in Rwanda for which she received a Pulitzer Prize indicates her grasp of the mechanisms within U.N. Peacekeeping and a knowledge of the personalities involved. Her second book about our colleague SÚrgio Vieira de Mello, who was killed during a terrorist attack on the U.N. compound in Baghdad confirms her support for U.N. objectives while understanding the practical realities behind conflicts and dealing with varied parties involved.

Obviously by the sheer fact of her appointment, she has the confidence of the President and knows the U.N. well enough. She will have a staff at the U.S. Mission to help support her and hopefully the good will of the other diplomats. While her role is of major importance to the U.S., it is also crucial for the U.N.