You have you to jump off a cliff and figure out how to grow wings before you hit the ground


Extract from a poem of Andre Frederico Garcia Lorca while commemorating his 100th anniversary:

Distant and lonely
A black fort, full moon, olives in my saddlebag
Though I know all the roads I will never reach Cordoba
Over the meadows through the wind a small dark horse and red moon
Death stirs at one from the castles of Cordoba.
Oh my courageous horse.
Death awakes me before reaching Cordoba.
Distant Cordoba
Lonely Cordoba


See for yourself:


Finally, the Committee to Protect Journalists was accepted as part of the UN/NGO. It was perhaps the third year when that group which is devoted to defending reporters in conflict areas and in the mainland had tried to join and was turned down by the bureaucratic framework. Maybe third time was a charm.


Fiji presides over the forthcoming General Assembly session in accordance with the geographical rotation in favour of Asia Pacific. The President of the General Assembly will come from Fiji. It is already agreed Mr. Peter Thomson will gavel the opening on 20th September 2016.

Photo Credit: UN Photo/Mark Garten


A famous mantra in New York refers to location, location, location. Perhaps that is why Ms. Susana Malcorra announced her candidacy for Secretary-General while visiting Beijing, a permanent member of the Security Council with veto power. The obstacle may not be so far away but perhaps in two areas -- the problem may be elsewhere like with the UK, another permanent Member of the Council, which has a dispute with Argentina over the Falkland Islands and there may be some Latin American candidates waiting in the wings that would need more discrete bargaining.

Photo Credit: UN Photo/Manuel Elias


International Youth day was celebrated by active participants from around the world. "Young people are directly affected by the tragic contradictions that prevail today: between abject poverty and ostentatious wealth, gnawing hunger and shameful food waste, rich natural resources and polluting industries," said Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in his message on International Youth Day, celebrated annually on 12 August.


An Arizona resident about starting a new business - WIP


A former UN staff member and recent Permanent Representative of Oman to the United Nations will be going back to Muscat. The timing is not yet certain if before or after the forthcoming 71st session of the General Assembly; that would also entail the similar departure of her husband Myles Stoby, a former UN staffer who seems to be sensitive to the expression often used by the poet Robert Frost "and miles to go."


Apropos of the Mission of Oman, a real loss is the departure of one of its outstanding soldiers. She played a key role in preparing political substantive material for the Security Council and created a very positive image for Oman, particularly young diplomats from within the Secretariat and other Missions. I understand she has now moved to California. With best wishes from all of her friends


A new full time Chief for the UN Information Services in Geneva which covers European operations, has just been appointed, Alessandra Vellucci, an Italian citizen with years of experience in communications and international work. Ms. Vellucci previously served as the Chief of the Intergovernmental Support Service in the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), Geneva, since 2014. She took over from Ahmad Fawzi, former spokesperson to the Secretary-General who was held that post ad interim.


Our colleague, Ms. Khawla Mattar, was recently appointed Deputy Executive Secretary for Programme Support. Surely she would perform her new functions in the same competence that she's accomplished other tasks.


Fans of African music enjoyed an open air performance in New York's Central Park on Saturday, 19 August by popular singer Alpha Blondy. The area around 72nd Street was full of an international group who joined in the repertoire as the artist from Côte d'Ivoire introduced his songs well known to most of them while repeating his usual refrain quote "Werewere". Some of his popular songs from his new album "Sabotage" were all the rage.


Business - Jay Z - I'm not a businessman. I am a business, man.


There was a summit, it started from nowhere near Istanbul and ended up nowhere at all. What was billed as a summit to raise $30 billion for humanitarian purposes ended up nowhere at all. There were no substantive preparations or no serious submission of papers and no serious attendance by Heads of State. It looked like a triangular meeting with officials from Turkey, Qatar and the United Nations. Groups like Médecins Sans Frontières withdrew their participation, similar to many others, while normally sympathetic media described "The World Humanitarian Summit a total mess", a talk fest and a side jamboree. It did not help that speakers were limited to three minutes; it was like a flash in the pan. After that it was universal silence.



Like many others, the family of maestro Luciano Pavarotti have complained that the US Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump is using his music to accommodate his campaign. The part Trump's campaign used was from Pavarotti's Turandot, the song which starts with "Nessun dorma" and ends up screaming "vincero vincero".


This time World Bank's Kim is facing some difficulty. The American Korean Head of the World Bank is facing a rebellion by staff who would like to block an automatic quest for another term. The World Bank's Mr. Kim rubs shoulders with the Secretary General and they often travel together to areas of conflict and migration issues which would require mutual support and collaboration. Traditionally the World Bank Presidency is almost always reserved for the United States. Mr. Kim, who was selected by the Obama administration as an American citizen, is not sure of an automatic as staff have complained of his constant travels and consideration of others, and as a new US president is elected.


Why does coffee smell better than it tastes?


I came to Casablanca for the waters, but we are in the middle of a dessert. I was misinformed.
-- Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca